Yuvakshetra Grabbed 3rd Position in A ZONE Arts Fest 2018-2019

Viva Yuvashetra!
We won the THIRD position in the over all Championship of A ZONE Competitions with 101 points.
This victory is really deserving.
A planning which has its root in the last year’s A Zone and Inter Zone Competitions, A planning which has been strongly restarted with the Admission of the first years in July 2018, A planning which has been reinforced with the election of the New College Union in August 2018, A planning which has been strongly supported by the Director Rev. Dr. Mathew Vazhayil, Encouraged by the Principal Dr. Tomy Antony, Unfailingly motivated by Dr. Lalu Olikkal, Arun Unnithe Vice Principal, the Constant walking together of Ms. Radhika, the Staff In Charge and Union Staff Advisor to the College Union, the proper planning and implementation of all works by the College Union etc. Congratulations to all.
If is a proud moment for all the members of Yuvashetra Family.
All the more Congratulations to all the winners, all the participants, all those who were behind the curtain, Ms. Radhika, all the Members of College Union especially Ragubakth (Chairman) Nandha Kishore and Pramadak (UUC) Jeeson (Arts Club Secratary) etc etc….
A very special Congratulation to Mr. Rohit and Jibin and all the staff who continuously supported our students.
Again Congratulations to all staff in charges of Various items
This is the success of the Yuvakshetra Family


Pencil DraMappilapattu Groupwing- 1st – Arun Unni
Western Solo- 1st- Ajith Sathyan
Nadan pattu- 1st – Devika & Team
English Speech – 1st – Anirudh Anil
Embroidery- 1st- Ashitha

Mappila paattu – 1st place – Anjali
Mappila paattu Group – 1st – Anjali & Team
Thiruvathirakali – 1st – Parvathy & Team

Poster making – 2nd – Arun Unni
Cartoon- 2nd – Anirudh Anil
Folk Dance- 2nd place – Aravind
Ganamela – 2nd – Ajith Sathyan & Team
Patriotic Song – 2nd – Parvathy & Team

Hindi Versification- 3rd – Salima
Oppana – 3rd – Keerthana & Team
Western Group- 3rd – Alan & Team
Hindi Speech- 3rd – Rajagopal
Folk Dance Group (Men) – 3rd – Aravind & Team
Folk Dance Solo (Girls) – 3rd – Swathy
Folk Dance Group (Girls) – 3rd – Swathy & Team
Arbanamutt – 3rd – Prammathak & Team

It is an inclusive Victory…

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