B.Com with Taxation

B.Com with Taxation is an undergraduate course in accounts. The length of the course is 3 years. The course covers the investigation of standards of bookkeeping, monetary arranging and monetary hypothesis alongside a specific concentrate on tax assessment which is named as a procedure of imposing a financial charge (Tax) on the subjects who earn ‘taxable’ income. The students are exposed to details of indirect taxes like customs and central excise tax, wealth tax, etc. Upon completion of the course, the students become capable to perform well in banking, financial institutions, in accounting, marketing services, and so on. B.Com. in Taxation degree holders are in a position to acquire the status of a government employee who is regarded as a notch above the ordinary people in terms of both post and power. B.Com. in Taxation degree course prepares students for a professional qualification in taxation, finance, and accounting and provides a solid base in the field of Taxation, Accounting, and Finance, thus making it easier to acquire a leadership / managerial role in the financial sector. The tax assessment is a degree program in which, aside from a general course thought about in Commerce. Assorted angles on various sorts of expense, for example, Income assess, Value Added Tax or VAT, Service Tax, Property Tax, and so forth are secured under the course.

The Core Course under the specialization during fifth and sixth semester includes:
1) BC5B10-Principles of Taxation.
2) BC5B11-Indirect Taxes Law and Practice.
3) BC6B14-Income Tax Assessment.
4) BC6B15-Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning.

B.Com in Taxation: Career Prospects

There are enormous openings for work are accessible in these fields. In the wake of holding a degree in this field, you can take up for a vocation in both private and government parts. Professionally you can likewise select showing employment in schools and colleges. Back Executive, Accounts Assistant, and Audit Assistant, and so on are a portion of the occupation profiles appropriate for applicants who have finished their B.Com degree in tax collection. B.Com in Taxation graduate is hired in capacities such as:

• Tax Assistants
• Auditors
• Actuaries
• Book Keepers
• Budget Analysts
• Business Consultants
• Certified Public Accountant
• Chartered Management Accountant
• Chief Financial Officer
• Cost Estimators etc.

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