Green Campus

Green Projects @ YIMS

1. Green Fan Nature Club

All the green activities in our campus are carried out by the members of Green Fan Nature Club. Major activities are planting of useful and value-adding trees, organic farming, farm visit, bio diversity training programmes, visit of National Parks, creating awareness among students about nature and promote the green protocol.

2. Ente Maram Project

From the time of admission the students of UG/PG programmes we entrust them the protection of trees and plants in our campus till the end of their programme of study, by providing guards, water and manure.

3. Rain Water harvesting

Rain water harvesting is successfully done in our campus. Approximately 10 lakhs litres of rain water is being collected through roof water harvesting.

4. Organic Farming

In the campus, 4 acres of land is used for Organic Farming. We are cultivating different vegetables and fruits. We have a dairy farm with indigenous cows (Vechur)

5. Scientific Treatment Plant (STP) 1 lakh litre Capacity

Scientific Treatment Plant treats all the waste water in our campus and it is used for watering the garden and organic farming.

6. Energy Conservation Programmes

a) Solar Light and water heater

Solar Energy is utilised for street lights and water heater in our campus

b) Biogas Plant (15 Cubic M2 Capacity)

Food waste, cow dung and other recycling waste materials are used to produce biogas.

c) Steam Cooking

Steam energy is regularly used for fast cooking at hostel.

d) Smokeless Oven

We installed smokeless oven in hostel’s kitchen.

e) LED Lights

f) Energy Auditing

 7.  Waste Management

We separate all the waste materials in four categories

  1. Food waste
  2. Plastic
  3. Glass materials
  4. Hazardous

8. Beautification of Campus Corridor

In both side of the entrance of the college campus and both side of the public road trees are planted.

9. Bamboo Garden

We conserve a rare variety of Bamboo (Thyrostatic Oliveri / Korna) in our Campus. It was planted in 1942 by Mr. Abdul Mouji, saplings are brought from Burma.

10. Incinerator

We have installed incinerator that can burn waste materials above 7000 C.


Green Protocol

  • Use ink pens to prevent accumulation of plastic waste through discarded ball point pens.
  • Food and drinking water should be brought in stainless steel utensils and disposable materials should be avoided
  • Use waste bins provided in the campuses to segregate waste into bio degradable, non-bio degradable and hazardous categories
  • Avoid paper and plastic cups and plates in public functions where food is served. Instead, use utensils that can be washed and reused.
  • Bring food only that is required to avoid wastage.
  • Plastic and paper should be cleaned and segregated to be handed over to scrap dealers
  • Instead of discarding waste paper, deposit it in a common Materials Recovery Facility in the campus
Green Campus