MA English

The Programme aims to have an in-depth study of a wide spectrum of literature in English spanning from ancient Greek and Latin Literature in translation to contemporary literature. It helps students to understand the belief systems, historical, cultural and philosophical influences that shaped literature through different ages. It traces the development of different genres of literature. It helps them recognise and discuss the stylistic aspects along with ideological shifts and major trends through a representative study of its dominant figures and different periods.

Job Opportunities

M.A English graduates can join the media as reporters, either in news channels or in newspapers. Corporate communication is another lucrative career path for English graduates. Content development and ITES firms also recruit English post graduates. Some of the other job designations are:

  • Copywriter
  • Editor
  • Language translators and interpreters
  • Content Writer
  • Jobs with BPO and KPO firms
  • Novelist
  • Public Relations
  • Reporter
  • Teacher
  • Technical Writer
  • Spoken English Trainer
  • Voice/Accent Trainer

Apart from the jobs listed, students of English can also find jobs as independent literary critics or as freelance writers and authors.

English Literature

Course Plan

  • University of Calicut
  • English Literature
  • The basic eligibility criterion is a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or college with English as one of the subjects. Admission is based on the marks in the Bachelor’s degree and the entrance examination if any prescribed by University of Calicut.
  • Post Graduation
  • 4 Semesters
Admission Procedure
  • No Entrance Examination: Admission on merit basis.
  • Full Time
Green Campus