B.Sc Computer Science

Computer Science has been a very attractive career option for more than two decades now. Students have always been on a look out for a course in computers; be it a full-fledged degree in the subject or a short-term course. If you are also among such students and wish to pursue a career in this subject, you can go for a B. Sc in Computer Science. The course covers all aspects of computers right from the basic fundamentals of computers to database systems & advanced courses like C++, Java etc. The best thing about this course is that it mainly focuses on the mathematical and theoretical foundations of computing rather than specific technologies, which quickly become outdated. This way the course prepares anyone for higher education.

However, enhancing skills is not a must. Career options available for a student who has completed his graduation in the field of computer science are quite ample these days. One can say this mainly because of the fast growth of IT in our country. Numerous organizations hire B. Sc (CS) students for the post of software testers, software developers etc. in their IT departments.

Career Opportunities in Private Sector

These days there are innumerable career opportunities for B. Sc (CS) in private organizations. Major national and multinational firms in the country welcome students who have completed their graduation in computer science. The top IT firms in India include Wipro, TCS and Satyam. These firms not only offer attractive packages but also excellent exposure in the field. Besides these IT firms, students can also get jobs with management consultancy organizations, power plants and other organizations that use computers and computer-aided systems. Teaching is another option that students can consider.
Here is a list of some of the job profiles available for students:

  • Programmer or Software Engineer
  • Computer Scientist
  • Computer Engineer, Hardware Designer, Logic Designer
  • Systems Engineer, System integrator
  • Systems Analyst
  • System Administration
  • Technical Support, Support Engineer
  • Technical Writer
  • Consultant
  • Research Staff Member
  • Professor

Course Plan

  • University of Calicut
  • Computer Science
  • Candidates who have passed (eligible for higher studies) the HSE or an equivalent examination with Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science/Computer Application etc. as one of the subjects are eligible for admission.
  • B.Sc
  • 3 Years
Admission Procedure
  • No Entrance Examination: Admission on merit basis.
  • Full Time
Career Opportunities in Government Organizations

Computer Science graduates can also get options to work as scientific officers, technical officers, scientific assistants and network operators with public sector firms. They can also get into teaching by clearing the NET degree and get jobs in a college or university. It is important for students to be present for an admission test to get these jobs. Once they get into the job, they can appear for departmental exams and look forward to higher designations.

Career Opportunities Abroad

Career Opportunities for B. Sc (CS) are not limited to India but students can get jobs with various software companies abroad. Firms from the Middle East and Europe offer excellent career opportunities. These jobs are especially available with manufacturing industries in the areas of:

  • Programmer or Software Engineer
  • Cellular Telephones
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Microprocessor System Design
  • Satellite Television
  • Software Development Sectors
Long term Career

Students of B. Sc Computer Science can either go for jobs as soon as they finish their studies or they can look at pursuing higher education. Students can start work as trainees and with sheer hard work and experience they can get promoted to higher job profiles such as senior programmers or project managers.

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